Whether I'm writing or painting, I'm interested in exploring Italian language and culture. This focus grew out of family history and my travels in Italy. I'm especially attracted to the works of Primo Levi, Italo Calvino, and Elena Ferrante and to the philosophical-mythological-literary investigations of Roberto Calasso. 

I enjoy the blank canvas as much as the blank page. Both are so full of possibility and promise. For me, painting and writing are mutually supportive. When a problem develops in one medium, I work in another. These changes in focus often lead to new and surprising perspectives. Such insights, I believe, are a reflection of the Art in art.

A California native, I went to school and worked in Southern California as a writer, editor and educator. I hold a BA in English from Pomona College, an MA in Education from Claremont Graduate University, and an MFA in Fiction from Antioch University (Los Angeles). I was also a member of Jim Krusoe's Advanced Fiction Workshop in Santa Monica, California. I now live in Seattle.

I welcome queries and comments about my novel and paintings. I'm available for interviews, readings, book discussions, and conferences. My paintings are available to be shown and are for sale. Please contact me at: rebeccajnovelli@comcast.net