Cover: R. J. Novelli

   Cover: R. J. Novelli

Asked to recount her family's history, Fina Marcheschi agrees, but warns, "the truth never mattered." Set against the background of the tumultuous decades between 1935 and 1968 in the Italian cities of Orvieto, Florence, and Milan, The Train to Orvieto is Fina's account of the marriage of Willa Carver, a beautiful and impetuous American, and a dashing Italian soldier, Gabriele Marcheschi, who will do anything to keep her love. Their lives and the lives of those they touch intersect in a family saga of love, loss, betrayal, and reconciliation that explores fundamental questions about about who we are, what we can truly know of one another, and whether we are capable of forgiveness. Excerpt

Early readers say...

...Beautifully told, against the background of the Umbrian countryside, THE TRAIN TO ORVIETO is a study in cause and effect, hope, pride, disappointment, and, finally, resolution.

                                  —Jim KrusoeThe Sleep Garden

For anyone who loves Italy, for anyone who has ever struggled to make art in the face of life's demands, for anyone who craves a thumping good read full of juice and desire and disappointment and festering secrets and shattering revelations - this novel will be immensely rewarding. 

           —David LaskinThe Family The Children's Blizzard

In her auspicious debut novel, Rebecca Novelli as set herself an ambitious goal, one that would give pause to many more experienced authors: delivering a complex, nuanced family saga spanning decades and continents... Thoughtful, engaging, acutely observed...

 —Ron Reagan, Jr., My Father at 100: A Memoir, MSNBC Political Analyst

...a rich family saga spanning continents and generations, unlocking the secrets and burdens that we all have in our complicated family histories...a wonderfully riveting and poignant debut.

Leonard ChangTriplines and Dispatches from the Cold

...[a] complex story full of memorable characters and a dark secret.

Charles RosenbergDeath on a High Floor

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