Art of the Book

Book Arts includes typography, bookbinding, painting, papermaking, sculpture, calligraphy, printing and other technologies to produce artist’s books meaning a book that is itself a work of art. 

In fact, there are as many different kinds of artist’s books as there are artists who make them. The artist book collection at University of Washington has more than 20,000 pieces. Artist’s books are shown in museums, too, such as Ann Hamilton’s recent exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle: 

Here are some of my favorite creators of artist's books.

Suzanne Moore is known worldwide for her exquisite design, complex technological feats (e.g. making pastel stick to paint), and calligraphy in the service of complex ideas and concepts.

Moore was among the book artists who worked on the contemporary edition of the St. John’s Bible, a modern rendering of the Bible on vellum and animal skin using traditional techniques such as those used in illuminated manuscripts.More recently, Moore explored the concept of zero in More than Zero.

Julie Chen often creates interactive artist’s books, with complex bindings and elaborate, game-like structures. 

Guess Who? This book artist combines inventive structures with mysterious performance, delighting audiences around the world.